• automatic-double-shaft-agravic--dry-mix-moatar-production-line
  • automatic-double-shaft-agravic--dry-mix-moatar-production-line

Fully Automatic TDSJ 2/4/6/10 Dry Mixed Mortar Mixing Plant

THROUGHPUT: TDSJ 2:10-20T/H(Bag mode). TDSJ 4:120T/H(Bulk mode). TDSJ 6:180T/H(Bulk mode). TDSJ 10:300T/H(Bulk mode). Automatic production line, no manual, high efficiency, simple operation.

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Srying System

The drying system adopts three return drum dryer, the discharging temperature is≤65.
Water content<0.5%, energy saving 60%, efficiency increased by 70%;

Metering System
Accurate, stable and efficient feeding technology,
to ensure the reliability of production line operation, ensure product quality stability;

Mixer main engine
Patent technology:Paddle no collision,alloy steel paddles have double service life,
Four cylinders prevent that pneumatic door is not closed tightly.
Dust Removal System
Removing the dust about the inlet port and packaging machines,
Make sure that the workshop is clean and tidy.  

Bulk System
Design the bulk system and pre storage system of the direct
unloading according to the customer's demand.

control system

Auto-batching,auto-weighing system and strong current control cabinet;
Note:Manual automatic integration,easy to understand;

Bagged System
Direct butt automatic valve packing machine and fully automatic open packing machine;

Conveying System
Special wear-resistant steel production and advanced production technology;


Optional Parts
1) Automatic packaging system, without any workers; 
2) Automatic palletizing system, without any workers;

 Applicable materials:


1.Binding mortar:Such as tile adhesive,joint mixture,Special adhesive mortar for thermal insulation composite system,etc.

2.Plastering mortar:Such as exterior wall coating mortar,putty,color decoration mortar,thermal insulation mortar,et
3.Masonry mortar:Such as ordinary masonry mortar,Special thin mortar for concrete block,thermal insulation masonry mortar,etc.

4.Floor mortar:Such as ordinary floor mortar,Self-leveling mortar,etc.
5.Special mortar:Such as repair mortar,waterproof mortar,hardening powder,etc.

1.Advanced design concept, with high production efficiency.
2.High efficiency dust collecting system, energy conservation and environmental protection.
3.High intelligent and modular design, with easy and quick installation.
4.With special fault self-diagnosis system.
5.High configuration and low failure rate


Motor power(KW) Mixing time(min)
TDSJ-2 18.5 1-3
TDSJ-4 22 1-3
TDSJ-6 30 1-3
TDSJ-8 45 1-3
TDSJ-10 55 1-3

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