Installation in Kenya

At May, TONGDING industrial got Mortar mixer product line installation in Kenya, Nairobi. Kenya is a mystical country which is called the “ Animal Kingdom” by Travelers from all over the world.

In many peoples ‘s eyes, Kenya has become synonymous of Africa. In Kenya , the people living on the beautiful and mysterious land, got the same characteristics of the land. They are plain, simple and friendly. With time goes on, every nation here keep their own language and culture, costume, which are the best teaching material for learning the Africa history. But the more lives living on the land are the wide variety of wildlife. When you stay on this magical land, see a lion hunting wildebeest, cheetah catch antelopes, you will be deeply impressed about what is a real beast, what is the real Africa. Maybe some people don’t like filming so cruel and brutal scenes. It doesn’t matter , when you use the lens follow tens of thousands of wildebeests great migration, the beautiful scenes just like a picturesque would infect you , you will find the meaning of the life , it’s so great. This is Africa, this is Kenya, sometimes quiet, some times grandeur.

We install the mortar mixer product line near Nairobi, . And that was really a nice trip in Nairobi, with the traveling to the Kenya National Park.