The restorative development of China's foreign trade


 Huang Songping, a spokesman for the General Administration of customs, said the trade in goods in China reversed in 2017 for two consecutive years, and the value of imports and exports increased by season. The total value of imports and exports was 27 trillion and 790 billion yuan in the year, up 14.2% over the previous year. To consolidate the foundation to stabilize foreign trade, the development potential is gradually released. Import and export is turning from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage.The domestic economy is stable in the middle, laying the foundation for the import growth."The next step, the customs will be to deepen all-round cooperation with a large area clearance along the road, along the country to actively promote the mutual recognition of AEO; to continue to optimize the customs supervision service, promote the clearance process to simplify, and effectively improve the level of trade facilitation; promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, accelerate the development of the foreign trade development of new energy, support the development of new trade business support to run Chinese International Import Expo, actively participate in international trade rules, to run the world customs cross-border electricity supplier conference, efforts to make greater contributions to the development of an open economy.