TONGDING Sand Dryer Production Line


 The fervor of the construction industry has also led to the strong demand for river sand. Efficient sand drying machine has also become an indispensable equipment.

The TONGDING sand series dryer has the following advantages compared with other manufacturers' products.

1)Unique design of more than 20 drying rooms, greatly enhance the heat and material contact area, make full use of heat, reduce energy consumption. The guide vane is made of special alloy steel with high wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

2)After the dryer is formed, it is processed by lathe as a whole to ensure the concentricity of the whole machine, to ensure that the dryer does not deviate, and to ensure the service life of the equipment.

3)Tongding Machinery is the first manufacturer of Triple Cylinder Rotary Dryer in Henan Province, with rich experience to ensure the quality of equipment and product output.