• Triple Cylinder Rotary Dryer
  • Triple Cylinder Rotary Dryer

TDS Models Sand Dryer Production Line

THROUGHPUT: TDS 623:3-5 T/H. TDS 625:5-10T/H. TDS 6215: 10-15 T/H. TDS 6220: 15-20 T/H. TDS 6230:30-35 T/H. TDS 6250: 50-55 T/H. A variety of drying forms, low energy consumption, high efficiency, in line with environmental pr

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 Feeding system


  With adjustable feeding device, the flow of sand is controlled.



 Conveying system


  Special sand belt conveyor, with sealing device, to ensure that the sand quickly into the dryer.



 Heating system

  4 types of heating systems: 1) firewood; 2) diesel; 3) natural gas; 4) coal

  Make flexible choices according to your needs.


Drying system

  Patented design three return program dryer. Compared with ordinary drying machine, 
  energy saving is 40%, efficiency is increased by 50%.



 Sieving system

special sand vibrating screen,according to your needs.

screening of different specification of sand.


Dust removal system


  Water mist type dust removal is adopted, the dust removal rate is up to 99%, 
  and the working environment is clean and tidy.










Control system



  Easy to operate and easy to understand.
  Control all of production line to ensure its continuous operation.


 Applicable materials


 The machine is for drying granular materials within a certain humidity scope, for example, yellow sand in dry mortar industry, all kinds of sand in foundry industry(such as, river sand, quartz sand), slag in cement industry, clay ect. raw materials, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, small particle size casting, etc.. According to the requirements for final moisture after drying materials in different industries, the material moisture after drying can get to less than 1-0.5%.
It can burn a variety of fuels such as coal, oil, gas

The Efficient-combined three-cylinder dryer have a lot of advantages, for example,compact structure and less land occupation(just 1/2 needed area of single cylinder with the same production), reliable operation, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, good material drying effect, easy to realize automation control, less operators.


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