• Valve Bag Packing Machine
  • Valve Bag Packing Machine

Valve Bag Packing Machine

This machine adopted technology of electronically automatic measurement, variable-feed and frequency-converted function. Its body is completely sealed and also furnished with dedusting port, can realize environmental production. widely used in fly ash, co

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 widely used in fly ash, coal powder, lime powder, cement and other materials


1.Automatic weighing and packing system, weighing accurately;

2.Small size and light quality, moving and installing conveniently;  


3.Steady performance, easy for operation and maintenance;

4.High automation, labor-saving and increase efficiency.


 The automatic weighing and packing machine receives the weight of analog signal by gauge and sensor and convert to figure signal, to control contactor and solenoid vale by relay switching signal to achieve the motor rotation stop and air cylinder operation. The discharge principle is to use high-speed rotation of the power head paddles make the material quickly set aside from the discharge port, the internal air blown inside the power head form a high pressure and puff away materials to help paddles disperse the material.

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