Automatic pre-mixed mortar production line

Time: November, 2010
Site : Russia
Equipment: 15-20t/h dry mix mortar
1 set of dry mix mortar production line for Russia customer were on delivered 2010,19th, November. And the installation is very successful.
Contain of equipment:

Name Material silo belt type bucket elevator Screw conveying pump Batching bucket
Quantity 2 2 2 1

Name Double shaft mixer Premix silo Finished product silo Automatic exposure packaging machine Cyclone
Quantity 1 1 1 1 1
Main technical parameter
Model Automatic Dry mortar Production line
Capacity 15-20 t/h
Mixing system DWZ1500 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer
Total power 93kw
Raw material Cement, fly ash, additives, sand, etc
After-sale service Erection & commissioning, operator training
Warranty 12 months after erection
Each System Part Technical Data
Mixing System Mixer Model & Quantity DWZ1500 Double Shaft Paddle Mixer, 1 unit
Discharge capacity 1.2t per batch
Feeding capacity 1.2t per batch
Mixing cycle time 150S
Motor power 15kw
Air Cylinder QGB100*300
Total weight 1500kg
Overall dimension L*W*H 1850×1950×1180mm
Mixing System Pre-mixing Hopper Model & Quantity 1.5 m3 Pre-mixing hopper, 1 unit
Volume 1.5 m3
Pneumatic Valve DN150
Mixing System End Product Hopper Model & Quantity 1.5 m3 End product hopper, 1 unit
Volume 1.5m3
Motor Power 7.5kw
Raw Material Storage System Model & Quantity 100T Detachable Silo, 2 units
Silo Diameter 3m
Silo Height 9m
Silo Total Height 12m
Discharge Height 1.5-3.0m
Pneumatic Valve DN300
Weight 5 tons
Batching & Weighting System Model & Quantity V=1.5m3 Batching Weighing Hopper, 1 unit
Volume 1.5m3
Motor power 4kw
Screw conveyor LSY165*2800mm
Overall dimension L*W*H 3* 1.16 *1.55m
Conveying System Model & Quantity LSY219 Screw Conveyor, 2 units
Tube Diameter 219mm
Spiral Diameter 180mm
Carrying Capacity 45t/h

And please check our delivery pictures right below: