Dry mortar mixer

Time: 2013-05-26
Installation site: In south Africa
Installation of equipment: Dry mortar mixer
Contain of equipment:
Name Material silo belt type bucket elevator Screw conveying pump Batching bucket
Quantity 3 3 3 1
Model   Indoor:TD-38/25 Outdoor:TD-45/28 TD-SSB-6 SHH-PL

Name Double shaft mixer Premix silo Finished product silo Automatic exposure packaging machine Cyclone
Quantity 1 1 2 2 1
Model SHH-4 SHH-DH-4 SHH-CP-4   TD-CC-MC

Definition: Double shaft mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment, which has the fast speed and high uniformity.
Operating principle: The equipment through the rotation of biaxial drive. On the shaft of blade to spilling the supplies, which make the material at in the gravity free condition. In this process ,the dry material be mixed evenly. After set up parameters on the computer, the automatic production line can achievable automatic production. The system based on pre-configuration, the equipment can automatic mixes, transport, mixing and the finished product putout. In the whole productive process, all step done by machines, except, the final product delivery and packed need to manually operating the automatic packing machine.