semi-automatic dry mixed mortar machine

Flow chart explantation:

Artificial feeding →lifting material → mixing →two lifting of materials → finished product storage→weighing and packaging

1)artificial feeding: manual feeding of raw materials and additives into the mouth

2)to enhance the material: and then through a hoist to lift the material to the mixer

3)mixing: mixing machine for the full mixing of materials, about 5-10 minutes

4)the two lifting material: after the completion of the material, through the two lift, transport to the finished goods warehouse

5)finished warehouse: finished warehouse after receiving material, storage


6)weighing and packaging: through the outlet of the finished warehouse packaging machine for automatic weighing and packaging.

Production time specification:

1) mixer 15-20 minutes, producing a batch.

2) produce 1 tons per batch.

3)Stir the main machine and stir the material for 3-5 minutes. Stir well.

Instructions for use by workers:

1)under normal circumstances, 2-3 people can be fully produced.

2)2 people feeding, 1 people mixing.

Technical Service:

1. Design for production line flow and equipment layout freely according to the site.

 2. Technical documentary: During 5 days after receiving the advance deposit, the seller will provide operating instruction and all relative drawings.

 3. During the operation, we can offer the technology service freely if the user needs to adjust the layout and application.

Technical Picture: