Three Return Dryer

Main technical parameter
Site : Laos
Equipment: 20-30 m3/h Three return dryer
1 set of Three return dryer for Laos customer were on delivered 2013,16th, November. Customers are very satisfied with our dryer.
Contain of equipment:
Wet sand hopper , round plat sand feeder , wet (and dry) sand conveying belt, burner, sand dryer, cyclone, dust removing system, dry sand conveying belt, vibrating screen, chain type bucket elevator, cement silo
1.Three cylinder dryer use telescope-feed structure, dry the material quickly
2.Simple design, self-insulation, improve the heat efficiency to exceed 80%
3.Structure delicate, stable operation
4.good drying performance, coal consumption <8kg when drying 1t material
5.The fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas etc, dry mass, granule and powder material
6.Reduce land area for 50% compared to single drum rotary dryer, so construction investment is saved 50%power consumption saved 60%.
Delivery pictures

Main technical parameter
Three Pass Dryer TDS6220
Drying capacity 20-30 m3/h
Diameter of drum 2600mm
Length 3700mm
Motor power 36.5kw
Reducer model XWD-5
Speed of drum rotation 4-10 r/min
Moisture of end products 0.1%-0.8%
Max. temperature inside 700-750℃
Outlet temperature 30-60℃
Hot-blast Stove dimensions 2.3m×2m×2.7m
Furnace door 450*550 mm
Quicksand tube φ400×2000 mm
Coal consumption 7-10 kg/ per ton sand